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STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet - Custom Gloss Green w/ White Facemask

The STX Rival White Lacrosse Helmet has a new shell and face mask design that accentuates speed and improves your vision on the field. Completely and easily adjustable so you don't need to waste time making it fit just right, and no detachable pump needed so you can inflate the helmet to your desired fit right from the field. The white is almost a matte color, and these just look sleek and sick.

  • Sure-Fit air system features a built-in pump, allowing players to adjust their fit on the fly.
  • Built-in release valve for quick deflation and removal of the helmet.
  • Integrated ventilation throughout the shell allows air to flow through the helmet, keeping you cool even when the game gets hot.
  • Comfort liner adds an additional layer of comfort to the interior padding, reducing pinching and discomfort.

Small/Medium - Head Size 6-7
Large/X-Large - Head Size 7-7 9/16