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STX Fortress 600 Womens Lacrosse Head

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The STX Fortress 600 womens lacrosse head is for elite level women's defensive players. Winding the scoop allows defenders much easier handling of ground balls and clearing passes. This head is designed to intercept passes, disrupt passing lanes, scoop and run.

  • Improved pinch provides increased ball retention
  • Provides extra strength on checks
  • Meets USL specifications

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

STX has three main women's lacrosse head models on the market. The STX Crux, STX Exult, and STX Fortress. The various models vary from their 100 series to 700 series. The 100 series are typically for younger or beginner players and their most advanced models, 700 series, are geared towards the elite players. The STX Crux Heads are typically geared for the attack position. The STX Exult Heads are typically geared for the midfield position. The STX Fortress Heads are typically geared for the defense position. 

STX Fortress 600 Series:

  • Designed for the elite defender. 
  • The face shape has a narrow pinch for ball retention and a wide scoop for catching making this head ideal for all defenders. 
  • The sidewall height allows for a deeper pocket without sacrificing strength and durability. 
  • Speed Scoop Technology provides a flatter scoop and protection for the top string when picking up ground balls. 
  • The C-Channel Technology reinforces sidewalls for strength and stability.