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STX Fortress 100 Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick with Mesh

The STX Fortress 100™ girls' lacrosse stick is designed for the young defender, just starting to learn the game. A flattened scoop for easier groundball pick-up and wider face for easier catching, make this a top beginners stick. Comes strung with Crux Mesh™ and mounted on a 6000 alloy handle.

  • Designed for beginners ages 10 and under
  • Flat style scoop
  • Wide pocket profile
  • Complete stick includes 6000 handle
  • Meets USL and FIL (international) specifications

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say.

This is a good first stick for an elementary school player at a great price.The stringing is a little tight, so that will need to be worked in slightly to form a pocket to give her more confidence when she first starts out.  Also a foam practice or tennis ball can be a great way to get started in case she happens to get hit by the ball when learning to catch.