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2019 STX Exult 600 Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

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The new STX Exult 600 Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick for the 2019 season is here!! This lightweight, strong stick is made for the midfielder who busts back and forth on the field, playing almost every position. We have tried it out in shop, and we are loving how easy it is to pick up ground balls on the move and rip shots, the ball sits in a nice middle sweet spot in the new Exult 600 Head.

The Exult 600 Head has a high pinch that increases ball control, and C-Channel technology reinforces sidewalls for added stability and control, making the Exult 600 ideal for quick breaks and superior feel.

  • STX Comp 10 Degree Shaft
  • Speed Scoop™ enhances groundball play while providing top string protection, helping grab groundballs and start transition with ease.
  • 10⁰ technology that naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot
  • Overlapping center string system allows the two center runners to flex out, hugging the ball in the pocket for a unique and exclusive design trusted by veterans of the game.