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STX Exult 600 Women's Lacrosse Head

The STX Exult 600 Women's Lacrosse Head is a really lightweight and strong option for the intermediate to advanced midfielder. The high pinch in the Exult 600 Head increases ball control, and the C-Channel technology reinforces the sidewall, giving you control and comfort when you're breaking down the field.

  • Speed Scoop™ enhances ground-ball play while providing top string protection
  • 10⁰ technology naturally drives ball to the sweet spot

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

STX has three main women's lacrosse head models on the market. The STX Crux, STX Exult, and STX Fortress. The various models vary from their 100 series to 700 series. The 100 series are typically for younger or beginner players and their most advanced models, 700 series, are geared towards the elite players. The STX Crux Heads are typically geared for the attack position. The STX Exult Heads are typically geared for the midfield position. The STX Fortress Heads are typically geared for the defense position. 

STX Exult 600 Lacrosse Head:

  • Lightweight strength, increased control, and improved performance for the elite midfielder. 
  • STX has completely redesigned their Exult series in the 600 head, providing a more pinched profile for better ball retention at the sweet spot. 
  • Midfielders can take the draw with this head. The Exult 600 head has higher shoulder, thinner ledge, and a sleek scoop providing stiffness and control when taking the draw.
  • The new C-Channel technology reinforces the sidewalls for stability and the Speed Scoop technology gives players an advantage for all those first time GB's.