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STX Duel II Face-Off Men's Lacrosse Head


The STX Duel II Face-Off Men's Lacrosse Head is optimized for the pinch and pop, using a newly-engineered, high-flex profile to squeeze the ball securely. It's a simple equation; fast clamps and quick control moves equals more possessions, fast breaks and goals. The Speed Scoop design was developed specifically for the FOGO player. The scoop allows for quick, smooth ground-balls, while the stiffer upper third portion of the head creates more strength and stability on 50/50 draws and quick rakes.

  • Speed Scoop enhances groundball play at the X
  • Player-preferred flex zones for optimal face-off movements
  • Updated shortened throat moves your hand even closer to the ball
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS Specs

What Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The STX Duel II Face-Off Head is one of the most popular Face-Off heads on the market. Light and flexible allowing you to perfect your favorite move at the face-off x. 

  • Speed Scoop enhances groundball play at the X.
  • Player-preferred flex zones optimal for face-off movements.
  • Designed for the elite face-off player.
  • Updated shortened throat allowing your hands to get even closer to the ball.