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STX Crux 400 Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick

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The STX Crux 400 Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick was made for the competitive level midfielder/attacker. 

The Crux 400 head has a signature Runway Pocket, and the signature Crux face shape offers a tight pinch that transitions into a wide catching area.  It has a pointed scoop which allows for accurate shots and passes.  The minimum side wall height allows for the deepest legal pocket and increased ball retention.  Paired with the STX Crux 400 lacrosse shaft,  this complete girls lacrosse stick offers one of the most advanced beginner level girls complete sticks in the game. 

The STX Crux 400 shaft offers Constant Flex technology for added snap on shots and passes.  It is thinner in diameter which allows for quick and easy handling for a younger player.  The 1" flare creates a direct head-to-handle connection without the need for an additional insert.  The Teardrop profile offers an ergonomic grip.  The soft, rubberized finish allows for players to have an excellent grip.