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STX Crux 100 Complete Stick

The STX Crux 100 Complete Stick was inspired by the industry-leading Crux line, built for the beginner level player. The sidewall design reduces weight to provide great ball feel, and the flexible scoop for smooth and easy ground ball pickups
  • Raised ball-stop helps to keep the ball protected and in place
  • Complete stick includes 6000 handle
  • Meets USL specifications

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

The STX Crux 100 is a great stick for a beginner player in elementary or middle school.  This is also a great option for a player looking for a better price point to get started in the game.  

For those players newer to the game in middle or high school we would recommend the big sister to this complete stick, the STX Crux 300 or 400 complete stick.