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Womens DIY Stringing Kit with StringKing Legend W Head


This DIY Stringing Package includes a StringKing Legend W Womens head and all necessary stringing supplies including mesh, sidewall, top string and bottom string. This is the perfect package for any lady laxer who wants to learn how to string, and you'll have a sweet backup or game ready head when you're done. 

Combined with our brand new FREE womens stringing tutorial video featuring our lead stringer Coach Cliff this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to string. 

StringKing Legend W Head:

The StringKing Legend W Unstrung women's lacrosse head features stiff construction with a pinched shape to maximize control and consistency. The material and design of the Legend W women's lacrosse head make it a durable weapon, while weighing in at only 117 grams.

  • The placement of a higher pocket gives you more hold and better ball control. This gives you faster hands, faster shots, and a more consistent performance as you take your skills to the next level.
  •  Buying the unstrung head gives you the maximum number of stringing options. from traditional, to full mesh, to a hybrid.  Similar to the Stringking heads on the guys side, the Stringking Legend W has lots of stringing holes, so you can ensure that you get the perfectly strung head for your type of play.