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StringKing Performance Type 2x Plus Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh

StringKing Performance Type 2x Plus Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh delivers more feel and consistency. Designed to be even lighter than the Type 2 Mesh, you don't have to worry about a bagging pocket or weather damage with this mesh piece. It's newer and it's better.

  • P2 - Fibers Lighter and stronger fibers prevent your pocket from bagging out while decreasing weight for a faster release
  • Pocket Focus - Ultra tight fiber construction provides superior ball control and a more accurate release
  • Bolder Colors - Premium colored yarns guarantee vibrant colors without sacrificing performance or consistency
  • Superior Consistency & Performance - Non-nylon materials and no wax coating ensure all weather performance and superior consistency throughout the life of your pocket
  • Tru-Diamond Technology - Every piece of mesh strings up and performs exactly the same regardless of conditions