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StringKing Metal 2 W Women's Lacrosse Shaft

The StringKing Metal 2 W Women's Lacrosse Shaft has an ultra-lightweight design, thinner profile, and slightly concave shape, which provides optimal feel and control to help you handle your stick with confidence and stability. Designed so it is easy to control, without sacrificing power.  The metal construction gives you maximum power and consistency and stays grippy in all climates.

  • Liquid-coated finish enhances grip and stays temperate in any conditions
  • Next-generation alloy makes an ultra-light shaft without sacrificing strength
  • Includes a roll of tape and an adapter to fit any head

What we think about this handle: 

This stick feels great and looks super clean. StringKing was able to make a stick that will perform higher than its price point would lead you to believe. We like the grip on this and it's very lightweight. Any player should give this a try.