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True 7075/StringKing Mark 1 Complete Men's Lacrosse Stick

The True 7075/StringKing Mark 1 Complete Stick feels light and strong, and for this insanely good price, this complete stick is more than perfect for a beginner or intermediate player. The shaft has a sandblasted finish, which makes it grippy and easy to control on attack. Paired with the Mark 1 Head, which is made for sweet mid-low to high pockets, this complete stick is a steal.

True 7075 Shaft:

  • TRUE engineers have identified the 3 essential properties most important in building a high quality handle
  • Concave profile for better feel and unmatched strength
  • Fine sandblast texture improves grip along the shaft and eliminates the need for tape
  • Less tape, better balance, lighter feel

StringKing Mark 1 Head:

  • Superior materials and construction prevent the head from flexing when passing and shooting. This improves speed, accuracy and consistency.
  • An aggressive forward tilt and a rounded scoop make ground balls easier to attack from all angles.
  • The side rails and face shape have smooth curves designed specifically for mid-low to mid-high pockets
  • The simple design of the sidewall creates a lightweight, stiff, and durable lacrosse head.