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StringKing Mark 1 Strung Men's Lacrosse Head

The StringKing Mark 1 Strung Men's Lacrosse Head was made with superior materials and construction that prevent the head from flexing when passing and shooting. This improves speed, accuracy and consistency. An aggressive forward tilt and a rounded scoop make ground balls easier to attack from all angles. The side rails and face shape have smooth curves designed specifically for mid-low to mid-high pockets. The simple design of the sidewall creates a lightweight, stiff, and durable lacrosse head.

  • Factory Strung with StringKing Type 3s mesh for great hold and control at an amazing VALUE!
  • Strung with two black shooters and one nylon for ultimate feel and control.
  • Extremely durable head.
  • Perfect for attack and middies.

What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff have to say:

This is a great head at an amazing value. Budget friendly and you're getting one of the best all around heads on the market. We recommend the Mark 1 to any beginner player, intermediate player, coaches, or parents looking to get a starter stick. The Mark 1 was  the predecessor to the Mark 2A. 

  • Extremely durable head. 
  • Multiple stringing holes for the perfect pocket of your choosing. 
  • Wide face shape for learning to catch, pass, and scoop ground balls. 
  • Minimal flex, ideal for learning the fundamentals.