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StringKing Complete Legend Composite Type 4 Womens Lacrosse Stick

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The StringKing Complete Legend Composite Type 4 women's complete composite lacrosse stick is designed to be the ultimate in consistency. The stiff construction, expertly strung medium women's lacrosse mesh pocket, and quality components deliver superior performance every time you pick up your lacrosse stick. 

Unmatched Consistency: The Women's Complete Pro lacrosse stick was developed to ensure consistent performance, from the stiff construction of the shaft to the mesh stringing pattern.

A Better Pocket: The Women's Legend lacrosse head and Women's Type 4 lacrosse medium mesh pocket work together to give you better hold, more control, and superior consistency.

Play Fast: The lightweight Women's Complete lacrosse stick is designed to play fast. We removed unnecessary material in the head and shaft to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff has to say:

This stick is seriously amazing. I would even go as far as saying it is some of our staff's favorite stick to shoot around with in the store.  The Legend  head has a great shape and the flat scoop, easy to pick up ground balls, and our shots are pretty darn accurate without much effort! The shaft itself has smoothe, slightly rubberized texture, and the Type 4 Mesh that it is strung up with is amazing! It feels like the control of a guys stick, while being legal for women's lacrosse. 

Swing by and try the StringKing Complete Legend Composite Type 4 in our 30' x60' turfed demo area.