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Spyder Grypz

Spyder Grypz is crafted for competitive lacrosse players of all skill types.

✔️ Strong, durable material that will last your whole season.
✔️ 100% Weatherproof – stay in control of your game in any condition.
✔️ FASTER shot speed with our unique power rings that increase your stick leverage, which in turn increase torque for faster shots.
✔️ Trusted by Professional and Collegiate Athletes all over America

INCLUDES: 1 Spyder Grypz Grip, 2 power rings, 1 Roll of Finishing tape, Installation guide

Spyder Grypz lightweight and thin grip is smooth for transitioning hands, but grippy when grasped. In addition to the sleek and stylish design, Spyder Grypz is forged from premium material, providing unrivaled feel and stick control. With endless grip customization, Spyder Grypz is also weatherproof, ultra durable and even grippier in rain! Universal and legal for all positions!

 INSTALLATION: Easy and quick installation with hair dryer or heat gun.