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Limited Edition Mikie Schlosser ECD DNA Lacrosse Head

This limited edition, Lacrosse Fanatic exclusive ECD DNA, has a custom pocket designed and strung personally by Mikie Schlosser of the PLL Waterdogs.

Mikie's thoughts:

  • "When I string my sticks it's important that the pocket has a quick and smooth release.  This allows you to pass and shoot quickly. If you can pass and shoot quickly, that allows you to play with more confidence under pressure."
  • "As you play lacrosse at higher and higher levels the ability to pass and shoot with a quick release becomes instrumental in a player's success and enjoyment of the game."
  • "The DNA is a great head for any position.  ECD made this so the face shape is great for offense, and the stiffness is perfect for defense.  I designed this pocket so you have enough hold to play any position."
  • "The Lacrosse Fanatic exclusive off-white DNA colorway with the black Hero 3.0 mesh and white storm striker accents looks SICK!"


  • Pocket designed and personally strung by Mikie Schlosser #59 of the PLL Waterdogs
  • Limited Edition off-white ECD DNA
  • Hero 3.0 semi soft white Storm Striker mesh
  • Lax Fan ball stop
  • Mikie Schlosser signed ball

ECD's Comments:

The ECD DNA Offense Lacrosse Head is made for the grinders. The players who show up early and stay late. The players who are always working to improve their game. For the players with no quit in their DNA.

Engineered using FlexForm material and flowing geometry, the DNA packs a punch and virtually eliminates warping. This is the all-around beast lacrosse has been waiting for.

  • Max Shape Retention - The DNA virtually eliminates warping by combining flowing geometry with our FlexForm material.
  • The Game’s Swiss Army Knife - The go-anywhere, check-anything, all-around beast lacrosse has been waiting for.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Made with true American grit, ingenuity, and pride because that's what's in our DNA.

 Lacrosse Fanatic's Review of the ECD DNA Head:

If you play LSM or pole and are looking for the perfect head for this position...look no further.  This head is will stand up to any punishment that you can dish out.

If you play more shorty the DNA has a great face shape for offense.  It is a little heavier than your typical offensive head.  But if you like a stiffer head, the DNA is a dream.  It will not back down in a fight.