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Maverik Union 2023 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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The Maverik Union 2023 Men's Attack Lacrosse Shaft unites the two best metal in the game, Scandium and Titanium, making this the go to MILITARY GRADE alloy shaft for Joe Walters. With DYNAMIC WALL TAPER technology, the UNION truly has the optimal strength-to-weight combination.

  • Traditional  Shape: Time tested look and feel of a traditional lacrosse handle. 
  • Dynamic Wall Taper: An extrusion process that tapers the wall thickness, putting added material in areas of the shaft that see the most abuse and cuts weight in areas that can afford it. 
  • Bead Blasted Grip: A flat appearance with no shine adds slight texture to the shaft.
  • ABE 3: Their signature butt-end, now with smooth rounded edges, 7 points of contact and a silicone liner that locks tight to all shaft shapes. 
  • Preferred By: Attack, Midfield