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Maverik Tactik 2.0 Mens Lacrosse Head

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The Maverik TACTIK 2.0 is a great head for middies.  The Tactik 2.0 controls the offensive zone, and is always a threat to score or feed. Designed for the mid-range shooter and precision passer. Updated with Control Core™ technology, providing superior ball control when possessing, feeding and shooting. Now featuring 20 stringing holes, the custom pocket options are endless.

Used by PLL Chrome’s Ned Crotty and MLL Chesapeake Bayhawks Nick Mariano and Boston Cannons Will Sands.

  • All new design with redistributed mass in the scoop and throat to decrease weight, increase stiffness, and enhance ball control.
  • A perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop ground balls with ease. Dominate the ground ball game every time you go into a scrum.
  • Increased control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting.
  • Duratough material increases stiffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions.
  • 20 stringing holes for custom pocket options.
  • Engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design.
  • MADE IN USA incorporating premium materials, superior quality and unrivaled testing.

    What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Has To Say:

    If you are looking for an elite-level lacrosse head, look no further than the Maverik Tactik 2.0. This head is engineered with X-Rail technology which distributes stress onto the opposing rail. As a result, the design remains lightweight, but still stiff. The optimal release point technology allows for shooters to have better control as the ball transitions up the channel and out of the pocket. The tactik 2.0 is designed for a mid-pocket deliver, making the perfect hybrid of accuracy and strength.