Maverik Hyperlite Matte Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The new Maverik Hyperlite Matte Attack Lacrosse Shaft is seriously the lightest and stiffest shaft in the offensive game. The Hyperlite has a similar stiffness to alloy shafts in order to maintain a consistent release with added power transfer. With it's matte finish, it feels smooth in your hands. This shaft went quick last time, and once its gone it's gone forever. So don't miss out on getting your hands on this bad boy. 

What we think about this handle: 

This shaft is most definitely lightweight. The feel is great and this thing is ready to dominate on the offensive side of the field. No flex in this carbon shaft, like all of the Maverik line, will make it very accurate and consistent. We recommend this stick to any offensive player who truly values a lighter stick.

  • Matte finish provides a very smooth texture
  • Carbon fiber material
  • Traditional concave octagon shape
  • Adjustable Butt End (ABE)
  • Skill level: Advanced