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Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Shaft

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The new Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Shaft is the latest addition to the Maverik No Flex Carbon shaft family. This shaft does NOT flex, giving you a consistent release with added power transfer when shooting. With it's matte finish, it feels smooth in your hands.  Made from Carbon Composite, this lightweight shaft provides high performance at a value price point. Featuring I-BEAM CARBON CORE technology with zero flex for unrivaled accuracy, this shaft will help you maintain a high shooting percentage all season long.

What we think about this handle: 

This is a nice carbon shaft that feels comfortable and light in the hands. The reinforced stiffness of the stick is sure to keep your passes and shots on target. The adjustable butt end that comes on Maverik shafts provides good customization without having to make your own tape "doughnut". We recommend this stick to any attackmen or offensive midfielders at all ages.

  • Zero Flex, I-Beam Carbon Core, ABE+ (Adjustable Butt-End)
  • Matte finish provides a very smooth texture
  • Carbon composite material
  • Traditional concave octagon shape
  • Adjustable Butt End (ABE)
  • Position: Attack, Midfield, Defense
  • Skill level: Advanced

Carbon Performance, Ultimate Value