Maverik Caliber A/M Lacrosse Shaft

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The Maverik Caliber Attack/Middie Lacrosse Shaft is made with scandium-titanium alloy, making this one of the strongest and lightest shafts in the Maverik line up. Its signature shape gives you grip during change of hands and shots on goal, and it has a bead blasted finish for even more control. We think these shafts not only look clean, but feel cleaner in our hands. So easy to rip shots. 

  • 30"
  • Tech: NEW ABE+ (Adjustable Butt End)
  • Bead-blast smooth grip
  • Signature Shaft Shape 

What we think about this handle: 

This Maverik Caliber shaft is a great stick for any attackmen or midfielder. Its strength makes it a very good option for the elite 2-way midfielders and it has the same shape of the Wonderboy shaft, a very popular model. The adjustable butt end makes for a cool customizable feature. We recommend this handle for any attackmen or midfielders who like power and control.