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Lax Fan Custom Strung True Frequency Universal Men's Lacrosse Head

The True Frequency line of lacrosse heads features triangle shaped side wall rails which reduce weight and increase strength. The Universal version is versatile for any field position while also being Universal in that it is legal for all levels of play.

  • Bottom rail mid/high transition point
  • Multiple stringing holes of varying sizes, shapes and placement for pocket customization
  • Triangle geometry ensures optimal strength and stiffness while giving a real feel for the ball
  • Fine-tuned sidewall and scoop angles for perfect pocket placement 

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The True Frequency Universal Lacrosse Head is perfect for the "do-it-all" players out there. Designed for midfielders who play all over the field, offense and defense. The midfielders who scrap for all the tough ground balls. The midfielders who can carry in transition and pass or shoot with pin point accuracy. Seriously, this head is the perfect all around head.