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Lax Fan Custom Strung ECD Rebel Offense Mens Lacrosse Head with Hero 3.0 Mesh

Lacrosse Fanatic custom strung this ECD Rebel Offense Mens Lacrosse Head with ECD Hero 3.0 Mesh featuring our signature Mikie Schlosser (PLL Waterdogs) designed pocket. It's game ready out of the gate. Just throw it on your favorite shaft and go make plays. 

The ECD Rebel Offense Lacrosse Head is designed to be deadly accurate. With a slightly pinched scoop and aggressive flare, this head will provide players with razor-sharp feeds and precise shots. 

  • Two-Way Threat; Engineered to dominate both ends of the field, the Rebel Offense is ready to throw checks, scoop GBs, and burn goalies.
  • Groundball Machine; High angle or low angle, from the side or straight on, in traffic or all alone, the Rebel makes groundballs look easy.


Hero 3.0 Mesh:

For their Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft White Storm Striker Mesh, ECD put every detail under the microscope to bring you the best mesh we have ever made. Their new, Repel+ Coating provides a 10x improvement to water repellency and enhanced Innegra Core Weave adds stability, decreases weight, and reduces bagging. Add in their new Textured LTH Fibers for more feel and you have a seriously lightweight and consistent piece of mesh with that just-right kind of feel. 10x More Water Repellency 10% More Bagging Resistance 27% Lighter

  • Repel+ Coating - Brand new Repel+ Coating adds texture and provides a 10x improvement to water repellency.
  • Innegra Core Weave - Strategically adds more Innegra to the core of Hero3.0, which increases stability and decreases bagging by 10%, and helps decrease overall weight by 27%.
  • Textured LTH Fibers - Provide more enhanced feel, amplified responsiveness, and decreased weight, all bringing your control to a whole new level.
  • Made in the U.S.A.- Featuring pure American ingenuity and grit.