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Lax Fan Custom Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick - White True Prowess with True Shootout For Soldiers Comp 4.0 Shaft

Lacrosse Fanatic has created an awesome women's custom complete complete stick. We started with a True Prowess head and had our lead stringer create a super smooth custom pocket using StringKing Type 4 Mesh. Then we paired it with a True Comp 4.0 Shootout for Soldiers shaft and this thing is sweet! It is perfect for a beginner to intermediate player and at $89.99 this is a STEAL!

True Prowess Head: 

The True Prowess lacrosse head is engineered to create the deepest, legal pocket. Holds the ball secure with your most aggressive moves. FlexScoop technology makes ground balls effortless — a perfect union of control, strength and feel. 

Don’t let your pocket be your toughest competition. The new Prowess provides maximum hold for your strongest moves, toe drags and ripping harder shots. You move — the ball stays secure. FlexScoop provides a full-on ground assault becoming flush with the ground for easier speed pick-ups.  Play fast and free with Prowess.

We’re not out to change your game, we want to shatter it.

  • Strategically designed to make it easier to pick up the ball and keep it in, empowering the player to play fast and free. 
  • Pressure Channel enables a deeper, more defined pocket channel when power cradling and winding up for the shot
  • Recessed Elbow allows pin-point pocket placement in the sweet spot
  • FlexScoop lies flush against the ground for speed pick-ups, then adopts a curve for increased accuracy during shooting

True Comp Limited Shootout for Soldiers Women's Lacrosse Shaft:

Limited Edition Shootout for Soldiers inspired handle graphics on True's most popular Composite 4.0  Women's 7/8" shaft construction. 

  • Limited Edition Shootout for Soldiers Graphic - get them before they are gone forever.
  • SmartFLX profile provides all-around performance through its dynamic flex features.
  • Strategic stiffness allows for maximum energy transfer on checks while offering enough flexibility for improved feel and uncompromised durability.
  • SMARTPLY fiber angles are optimized in the shaft wall through up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber for a balance of flexibility and industry-leading impact resistance and strength.

    StringKing Type 4 Women's Mesh:

    The StringKing Type 4 Women's Lacrosse Mesh was designed to be softer and more responsive, Type 4 delivers better feel, more control, and faster shots.