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Lax Fan Custom Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick - White True Prowess with True Natural Reserve Shaft

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Lacrosse Fanatic has created an awesome women's custom complete complete stick. We started with a True Prowess head and had our lead stringer create a super smooth custom pocket using StringKing Type 4 Mesh. Then we paired it with a True Natural Reserve numbered shaft and this thing is sweet! It is perfect for a beginner to intermediate player and at $89.99 this is a STEAL!

True Prowess Head: 

The True Prowess lacrosse head is engineered to create the deepest, legal pocket. Holds the ball secure with your most aggressive moves. FlexScoop technology makes ground balls effortless — a perfect union of control, strength and feel. 

Don’t let your pocket be your toughest competition. The new Prowess provides maximum hold for your strongest moves, toe drags and ripping harder shots. You move — the ball stays secure. FlexScoop provides a full-on ground assault becoming flush with the ground for easier speed pick-ups.  Play fast and free with Prowess.

We’re not out to change your game, we want to shatter it.

  • Strategically designed to make it easier to pick up the ball and keep it in, empowering the player to play fast and free. 
  • Pressure Channel enables a deeper, more defined pocket channel when power cradling and winding up for the shot
  • Recessed Elbow allows pin-point pocket placement in the sweet spot
  • FlexScoop lies flush against the ground for speed pick-ups, then adopts a curve for increased accuracy during shooting

True Comp Limited Natural Reserve Women's Lacrosse Shaft:

This True Natural Reserve Edition Womens Shaft uses an advanced prototype material so supplies are limited - This RESERVE Edition is individually numbered and only 150 men’s and 100 women’s shafts were made.

TRUE TEMPER is always pushing the limits of how to make the best lacrosse handle in the world. In their quest to find new performance materials, they discovered a new material that dampens vibration while maintaining an added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.

Introducing the NATURAL handle featuring BioFLAXTM – a revolutionary material made from renewable biodegradable flax that is built into our COMP 4.0 standard composite construction. This new prototype material dampens vibrations and increases durability.

True is committed to changing the game – in both product performance and in our footprint that we leave for future generations. While this is only a small step, all big things start with taking that first step.

  • The next material revolution has begun: Natural is the first lacrosse handle to feature BioFLAXTM – a biodegradable flax material layer that dampens vibration and is more environmentally friendly.
  • This BioFLAXTM layer is built into our most popular and best-selling Comp 4.0 composite handle.
  • BioFLAXTM composite dampens vibration to the hands versus standard alloy lacrosse handles on stick to stick checks.
  • We were able to increase the overall durability by over 10% while maintaining the same weight as our best-selling COMP 4.0.
  • The flax material is derived from a renewable resource making it more eco friendly as compared to other synthetic fibers.

      StringKing Type 4 Women's Mesh:

      The StringKing Type 4 Women's Lacrosse Mesh was designed to be softer and more responsive, Type 4 delivers better feel, more control, and faster shots.