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Lax Fan Custom Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick - STX Crux 600 Head and STX Axxis Composite Shaft - Black/Lizard

Lacrosse Fanatic has set up a fantastic custom complete women's stick. We started with an STX Crux 600 Head, custom strung it with Crux Mesh Pro and paired it with an STX Axxis 10 Degree Composite Shaft. 

STX Crux 600 Women's Lacrosse Head:

The STX Crux 600 Womens Lacrosse Head is engineered to give the attack player maximum control and superior ball retention. Innovative DropRail technology minimizes sidewall design for superior ball retention and a wider range of motion. 

The Crux 600 features a minimized sidewall design that drives the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and hold.  This elite head is paired with STX's Launch 2 runner providing more feel when cradling and a quicker release for passing and shooting. The Speed Scoop design provides top string protection, while also allowing your advanced player to scoop up the ball quicker, with less drag.   All of this is wrapped into STX's signature 10 degree design.  

  •  Enhanced durability and targeted flex points at the sweet spot for maximum hold
  • 10 Degree design in both the head and handle
  • Speed Scoop technology

STX Axxis 10 Degree Composite Shaft:

The new STX Axxis women's lacrosse shaft features two strategically placed profile shapes that transition along the shaft for better hand placement and control. The Axxis also includes dual grip texture zones for better hold and a more tactile response.

  • - First shaft designed for the unique hand placement of the draw specialist.
  • - Dual grip zones for maximum hold and tactile response.
  • - Teardrop profile along top of handle for comfort and control.
  • - Ridge profile along bottom half for strength and stability.
  • - 7/8" diameter composite

Crux Pro Mesh

Crux Mesh Pro gives the elite attacker noticeable accuracy and precision when shooting, passing and feeding. It's a full-piece STX lacrosse mesh designed specifically for the women's game. The varied-diamond pattern transitions from large to small diamonds for a naturally defined sweet spot.

  • Varied-diamond pattern strategically designed for a defined sweet spot
  • One-piece system allows for easy maintenance and long-term durability
  • Easy break-in for a consistent pocket shape
  • Weather Weave waterproof coating construction
  • Ultra-lightweight at just 19 grams
  • Meets USL specifications