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Lax Fan Custom Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick - Gait Air and True Smoke

Lacrosse Fanatic has paired up two great products to make a fantastic custom complete women's stick. We started with a Gait Air head and added a True Project Kenny Shaft. Then we custom strung it with a sweet black and white traditional pocket.  Not only does this complete feel amazing, it looks cool too. 

Gait Air Women's Lacrosse Head:

The Gait Air Women's Lacrosse Head offers a super light and narrow design that allows for unrivaled ball control. With lightning quick release from the Air's lowered U scoop, shooting and passing is amazingly accurate. The Air's  sidewall transition angle creates a front pocket allowing you to develop creative stick work.

• The Air is the perfect balance of strength and weight.
• This superlight and narrow design allows for unrivaled ball control by forming a channel in the pocket.
• The sidewall transition angle creates a front pocket towards the scoop allowing you to develop creative stick-work.
• With a lightening quick release from the Air’s lowered U scoop, shooting and passing is amazingly accurate.

TRUE SMOKE Women's Lacrosse Shaft:

The True SMOKE Women's Lacrosse Shaft is the first TRUE handle to feature this patent-pending, limited edition painting process that creates one-of-a-kind finishes... no two shafts are the same. 

Smoke is built on a COMP 4.0 design. Made with SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies for the ideal balance of strength, weight and flex for any style of play. Whether your game is one of power or finesse, the COMP SF 4.0 is optimized for elite lacrosse players of all ages, at every position.

  • Ultralight carbon fiber to enable a 15% lighter handle with no loss of strength compared to our Comp 4
  • 142g
  • SMARTFLX - provides all-around performance through its dynamic flex features. Strategic stiffness allows for shot to shot energy transfer while offering enough flexibility for improved feel and uncompromised durability.
  • SMARTPLY - fiber angles are optimized in the shaft wall through up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber for a balance of flexibility and industry-leading impact resistance and strength.
  • Soft Touch
  • Constrictor Grip
  • Comp UL