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Lax Fan Custom Complete Men's Lacrosse Stick StringKing Legend Sr Head with True Comp 4 Maryland Shaft

This custom complete lacrosse stick combines the True Comp 4.0 Maryland Shaft with a custom strung StringKing Legend Sr head (black). We strung it up with black StringKing 3s mesh and Maryland themed strings. This setup is sick.  We paired these popular products together to give you an awesome combination.  This is the perfect setup for middie or attack. You won't be disappointed with this custom! And since it is limited edition, Lax Fan custom, one of one... when it's gone, it's gone! 

True Comp 4.0 Lacrosse Shaft:

The TRUE composite SF 4.0 flex 6 attack lacrosse shaft is amazing.  It is the ideal balance of strength, weight and flex for any style of play. The COMP SF 4.0 is optimized for elite lacrosse players of all ages, at every position.  Plus this Maryland paint scheme is awesome.

  • Concave shape and fine-texture grip provide all-weather confidence without the need for tape
  • SmartFlex 6 is designed for the player who wants some flex
  • Carries a six-month warranty

SmartFlex is a TRUE-exclusive design process by which a handles's stiffness profile is optimized for all types of play. With SmartFlex technology, we can control where, when and how a handle flexes, delivering the right snap, control, feel and accuracy for every style of play.

SmartPly creates an unmatched bond of weight, balance and industry-leading impact strength. SmartPly is an exclusive process developed by TRUE engineers by which fiber angles and the order of those angles are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft.

          ECD Mirage Head:

          The StringKing Legend Senior Attack Mens Lacrosse Head is StringKing’s narrowest Legend head, which means more ball control.  It’s thicker side rails add the durability needed to withstand play at the highest levels. The Legend Senior is designed with a stiff construction for added consistency and a pinched face shape to maximize control. The rounded scoop and ultra-stiff construction of the Legend Senior lacrosse head will let you control any ground ball in sight, and it features a locking bolt which eliminates distracting head rattle.


          • 6 month limited warranty
          • 140 Grams
          • Universal Spec
          • Recommended for ages 15 & up

            StringKing Performance 3s Mesh

            StringKing Performance Type 3s Lacrosse Mesh is the third generation of Performance Mesh, and it gives players more control than ever with new Twistex™Technology.

            Twistex™ Technology gives you more:

            • Accuracy - Adding twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with a rigid backbone for ultimate consistency
            • Control– Twistex Technology increases elasticity and texture in the yarns. This gives Type 3 the perfect amount of stretch and feel for ultimate control
            • Speed– Twistex Technology allows us to make Type 3 15% thinner and lighter than Type 2 while maintaining durability and a rigid backbone for your pocket
            • Semi-Soft
            • For players who prefer a shifting, softer pocket
            • Yarn technology designed to give you more
            • Compact construction creates a rigid backbone for ultimate consistency
            • Elasticity loads the ball in the channel, texture improves grip and feel
            • 15% thinner and lighter than Type 2