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Lax Fan Custom Complete Defense Stick - Maverik Tank w/ True Comp 4.0 Project Kenny Shaft

Lacrosse Fanatic had their head stringer work his magic on these killer custom complete d-poles. We started with the ever popular Maverik Tank, strung it up with Hero 2.0 mesh and paired it with a True Comp 4.0 Project Kenny 60" shaft. This is a killer setup for a LSM or defenseman looking for a custom strung complete defensive stick. 

HEAD: The Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head is the ultimate defensive machine. Designed for power and agility, this head will deliver fierce checks and scoop ground balls effortlessly. Level 5 bottom rail designed for a high pocket. 

  • Maximum stiffness and rail support 
  • Two screw holes for added head security
  • Wide face design for intercepting passes
  • Multiple stringing holes for custom pocket options

SHAFT: The TRUE Project Kenny Limited Edition Constrictor Grip Comp 4.0 Defense Project Kenny Lacrosse Shaft gives all the performance of top end alloy handles. TRUE has partnered with Project Kenny – a non-profit organization connecting military personnel with service dogs to aid in their therapeutic recovery – to bring you the Special Edition Project Kenny Comp 4.0 handle.

Featuring SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies, and Constrictor Grip, the Special Edition Project Kenny Comp 4.0 handle delivers impact resistance and strength with optimized flex for more feel and pop.

  • Raised, textured, targeted Constrictor Grip on the bottom half of the handle for added grip and control.
  • Premium performance, carbon fiber composite construction.
  • The COMP 4.0 gives all the performance of top-end alloy sticks with an arm saving 10% weight reduction.
  • Our SmartFlex technology optimizes the amount of shaft flex for each position.
  • SmartPly fiber angles and orders are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in the shaft wall. SmartPly creates industry-leading impact resistance and strength while preserving flexibility.

MESH: ECD Hero 2.0 Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh is inspired by players seeking greatness. Designed to give you the increased accuracy, consistency, and control you need game after game.

  • Woven with a hydrophobic fiber to stand up to extreme weather conditions
  • Textured strings keeps knots tight and maintains sidewall tension
  • Made with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity