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Lacrosse Ball Bag WITH 4 Dozen Balls

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Lacrosse Ball Bag filled with 4 Dozen Balls.

Choose your type of Ball Bag, then select the color balls you'd like.

Champro Deluxe Lacrosse Ball Bag

  • 9" Bottom Diameter, 17" H
  • Zipper Closure
  • Tough, Waterproof Coated Nylon Construction
  • Molded Bottom
  • 2" Web Handles 

STX Lacrosse Bucket Ball Bag

  • Holds up to six-dozen balls
  • Sturdy base and construction
  • Heavy-duty zipper

Champro Lacrosse Extra Large Ball Bag

  • 9" L x 15" W x 18.5"
  • Round bottom stand-up design
  • Tough, waterproof coated construction with web reinforced imitation leather bottom and web handles 


Lacrosse Balls

  • Meets NOCSAE and NFHS standards
  • 4 Dozen Balls (48)