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Epoch Integra Z-One Mens Lacrosse Head

The Epoch Ingegra Z-One Mens Lacrosse Head showcases speed and control, attributes that exist in the most prolific goal scorers. Engineered for the elite offensive minded player  with a narrow face shape and high flair for maximum control. The Z-One is engineered with a Zone 1 pocket, giving you one of the lowest, deepest pockets but also a smooth release with an 8.8 Lie.  The Z-ONE features Epoch’s new Knot Lock Tech for stringers and is engineered to be one of the lightest heads. Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Collection: Integra

  • Flex iQ: 4
  • Profile: Curved
  • Pocket Location: Zone 1 Low-Pocket
  • Knot Lock Tech: Yes
  • Spec: Universal
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Limited)
  • Made in USA
  • Material: Composite Injected Polymer


Epoch’s new Knot Lock Tech is engineered specifically for stringers. Knot Lock Tech is featured in the sidewall holes, designed with unique grooves that help support and anchor sidewall knots. Giving you a more consistent pocket and ideal channel.

  • Narrow face shape for control
  • Ultra-Light for unmatched feel
  • High Flare for pocket tension
  • Zone 1 Low Pocket Sweet Spot
  • Knot Lock tech

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

This is the head that dominated the inaugral PLL season at the hands of Matt Rambo, who won the League MVP, Championship MVP and PLL Championship. It was also used to win the PLL All-Star weekend fastest shot contest. If you are looking for a narrow face shape, featherweight, and clean design, this is the perfect head for you. The design of this head will allow you to string up a mid/low pocket, but still have a smooth release. Complimented with the new knot-lock technology, the sidewall strings will stay secure providing a consistent feel in the pocket during practices and games.