Epoch Purpose 15-Degree Alloy Pro Mesh Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick

The Epoch Purpose complete women's lacrosse stick is now available with Epoch's NEW Pro Mesh Pocket. Designed in unison, the Pro Mesh™ pocket is engineered to optimize the sweet spot of the Purpose’s exclusive patent pending 15-degree technology. 

Each part of the pocket is strategically designed to give you, the player, ultimate control, feel and accuracy when playing. The HT Poly technology is engineered to keep your pocket consistent is all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments.

The 15 degree design of the head was an absolute home run by Epoch.  Just like the Purpose, the Pro Mesh™ Pocket is engineered and strung in the USA and meets US Lacrosse specs. It comes with a 7/8" alloy shaft.

  • Designed, manufactured and tied-up right here in the USA
  • Purpose head on a 7/8' Purpose alloy shaft
  • Features a 15-degree bottom rail
  • Drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot to maximize feel and control.

 What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff Have To Say:

This is an amazing elite level stick at a great price point. Although this complete stick has a ton of great features, the mesh piece is what really sells this stick. The Epoch Purpose comes with their new Pro Mesh Pocket which is an absolute game changer. The Pro Mesh Pocket give players extreme hold and feel on the ball. Might I mention, some of our staff are ripping 100+ with this setup. We really like the 7/8" shaft design combined with the 15 degree purpose head. Talk about wicked snap on the ball. We recommend this complete stick for all advanced players looking to take their game to the next level.