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Epoch Integra Elite 2020 Lacrosse D-Caps

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The NEW Epoch Integra Elite D-Caps are designed specifically for elite defenders looking for a truly streamlined feel. The Elite D-Caps are engineered using a hard-shell cap and composite material for unrivaled protection during gameplay. Experience outstanding comfort with Epoch’s New form fitting compression sleeve designed to give players a more comfortable fit while reducing slippage and bunching. Epoch’s Single Wrap Strap is engineered specifically defenders to keep your gear secure during game play for unmatched performance on the field.

  • Player Core Control Ft. S. Café® Technology
  • Composite Material  
  • Single Wrap Strap
  • Form Fitting Compression Sleeve  
  • Hard Shell Cap

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

The Epoch Integra Elite D-Cap feels amazing. We are really impressed with how they lock into the elbow without slipping down onto the forearm or up to the bicep/tricep area. The cap is incredibly durable and lightweight. If you want a minimal defensive cap, these bad boys are about as minimal as you're gonna get.