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Epoch Integra Elite 2020 Lacrosse Arm Pads

The NEW Epoch Integra Elite Arm Pads are designed to give elite players the protection and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels. Engineered using Epoch’s 2-step molded multi density foam, hard-shell cap and composite material for unrivaled protection during the toughest plays, the Elite Arm Pads are meant for the best. Experience true comfort with Epoch’s New form fitting compression sleeve designed to give players a more comfortable fit during gameplay while reducing slippage and bunching. Epoch’s Dual Strap Sandwich Locking System will keep your gear secure during game play for unmatched performance on the field.

  • Player Core Control Ft. S. Café® Technology
  • Composite Material  
  • 2-Step Molded Multi Density Foam
  • Form Fitting Compression Sleeve  
  • Dual Strap Sandwich Locking System
  • Hard Shell Cap

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

Let me guess. You're looking for a pair of elbow pads that are somewhere in between a d-pole elbow pad that just covers the elbow and a beefy attack elbow pad that covers the entire arm? Am I right?  I knew it. These Epoch Integra Elite Arm Pads are exactly what you're looking for. These elbow pads are the perfect combination of size, comfortability, and protection. These pads will lock in without any slippage and still allow you to have full range of motion when running up and down the field. Perfect for any midfielder or LSM.