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Epoch Dragonfly Pro C30-iQ5 Attack/Midfield LE White Mens Lacrosse Shaft

The Epoch Dragonfly has a legacy of innovation and the Dragonfly Pro C30-iQ5 LE White Mens Attack/Midfield Shaft continues that lineage. From advanced technology to unmatched performance, it makes for one unforgettable shaft. The Dragonfly Pro White has a clean look and is designed and engineered for the best offensive minded player. Made in the USA this Dragonfly is packed full of Epoch Proprietary Technology. The Dragonfly Pro White Attack/Midfield is only available in C (concave) geometry and engineered with Epochs A.C.L Pro. Additionally, it features S.V.T, HD Resin, Reload Technology and Flex iQ5.


C: Concave, the most popular and traditional shaft shape

 Why you’ll love it:

-Epoch offers a 6-month warranty on all of their Dragonfly Pro shafts

-Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Pro Attack/Mid is Made in the USA

-Carbon fiber composite material blends a lightweight and great durability

-The Slip/Grip top coat optimizes feel in all weather conditions

-You’ll feel the difference in your shots and passes in the moments it matters

What we think about this handle: 

This is a shaft for attackmen and midfielders who want a great stick with pro-level features at an affordable price point. We love the feel and texture to these shafts and the strength to weight ratio is great. This shaft should be tested by any serious players. And the limited edition white finish looks totally sweet.