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Epoch Dragonfly Elite C60-iQ3 Defense LE White Mens Lacrosse Shaft

0From groundbreaking innovation to exceptional control, the Dragonfly Elite C60-iQ3 LE White Defense/LSM Lacrosse Shaft is breaking through the limits of performance. Designed for the elite players on the field and the highest-level athletes, the Dragonfly Elite is, without a doubt, a must-have for any high-level defenders. Engineered with A.C.L Elite using some of the best materials on Earth. The Dragonfly Elite White Defense/LSM is only available in a C geometry, and this one has a flex iQ3, a toughness Level 3 and industry leading 12-month warranty.

C: Concave, the most popular and traditional shaft shape

 Why you’ll love it:

-Epoch offers an industry-best 1-year warranty on all of their Dragonfly shafts

-Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Elite Defense/LSM is Made in the USA

-Carbon fiber composite material blends a lightweight and great durability

-The Slip/Grip top coat optimizes feel in all weather conditions

-It’s offered in different geometries that cater to your personal preferences on feel and control

-You’ll feel the difference in your shots, passes, and checks in the moments it matters