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Epoch Dragonfly Elite 30" Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Shaft

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The Dragonfly Elite offers exceptional control for players who want to break through the limits of performance. The Elite offers the latest technology from the new Dragonfly line with innovative Intelligence Weave meant for elite athletes playing at the highest level. The Epoch’s Intelligence Weave is unique to the elite shaft and  is designed to stabilize the hands and push energy towards the head of the stick when passing or shooting, therein maximizing performance.

The Dragonfly Elite comes in the Concave (C) and Xtreme Concave (X) geometries.  


C: Concave, the most popular and traditional shaft shape

X: Xtreme Concave, for amazing grip and feel

 Why you’ll love it:
-Epoch offers an industry-best 1-year warranty on all of their Dragonfly shafts

-Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Elite Attack/Mid is Made in the USA

-Carbon fiber composite material blends a lightweight and great durability

-The Slip/Grip topcoat optimizes feel in all weather conditions

-It’s offered in unique geometries

-You’ll feel the difference in your shots, passes, and dodges in the moments it matters

What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff think about this handle: 

This is a shaft for attackmen and midfielders who want a top self, elite-level stick. Epoch has an industry-leading 1-year warranty on this elite model which means you can have the confidence to rip shots, battle for tough GBs, take and give hard checks. We love the feel and texture to these shafts and the strength to weight ratio is great.