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ECD Limited Edition Rebel + Graphene Defense Lacrosse Head - Project Beta

The ECD team has a nack for keeping things cool and the ECD Rebel + Graphene is a testament to that.  Greg and the team have secretly been working on Project Beta.  This super secret project group has been working on launching new test market equipment to revolutionize the lacrosse market.  Plus it sounds like the place that spys and super heroes would work!

To spear head the Project Beta launch they developed the ECD Rebel + Graphene in limited quantities.  They only made 500 defensive heads and they are all individually numbered right on the front of the head. That is extremely cool.

The ECD team felt that the Rebel + Graphene is worthy of being the first Project Beta project, as it is the strongest and lightest material on earth.  They feel that this gives it two times the strength on impact without nearly any increase in weight.  That is awesome.  The stronger the head = less breaking, bending and other issues for you.  They have also run the ECD Rebel + Graphene through all types of tests and here are some of the coolest features:

  • A thin piece of Graphene can support three of your best defensemen.  That is a serious statement, as those guys can be HUGE!
  • There is no noticeable weight increase.  If you covered a field with it, it would be equal to a feather.
  • Graphene is strongest in it's natural state of grey. The Project Beta team didn't want to mess with that to make other colors. Plus the grey looks SICK with the Gold ECD crab!
  • LIMITED QUANTITY!  They only made 500 of these defensive heads and each one is etched on the front with it's own unique number.  That is bragging rights right there!
  • Proudly made in the United States!

Plus this head is still an ECD Rebel with all of the features that already made that an extremely popular head.

  • Tighter face shape and aggressive pinch make it easier to get a quick shot off.
  • Rounded scoop makes quickly getting ground balls under control a heck of a lot easier.
  • The stiff construction and aggressive design allow you to deliver a beating time and time again.
  • A defensive threat while also allowing you to quickly recover ground balls and get off quick shots.  This head is in BEAST MODE!

What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff have to say:

ECD took one of the most popular heads and just made it better.  What is not to love about that.  It also has all the same stringing holes, which makes customizing this head for your individual style of play a breeze.  

If you are looking for a head that is strong, durable and has some serious swagger on the field, THIS IS YOUR HEAD!