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ECD Infinity Full Mesh Elite Setup Composite Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick

The Infinity ELITE Composite Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick 

This is a new era. An era where players are looking to spend less time worrying about their pocket and more time dominating. An era where creativity and aggressive play are elevating the game. An era where players and manufacturers are pushing the limits.

  • Head: The Infinity head features an aggressive lightweight design, a tight face shape, maximum offset, and a perfect launch angle giving you control and power like you have never felt. The Infinity was built for you to change the game. 
  • Shaft - The Infinity shaft features lightweight, high-quality materials, a natural shape, and a soft-touch finish. This shaft basically sticks to your hands providing unmatched control.
  • Infinity Full Mesh - Designed with seven different diamond shapes, Infinity Mesh uses larger diamonds in the center of the pocket to create a natural SweetSpot allowing you to have full control and total confidence.



  • Soft-Touch Finish
  • Natural Shape
  • Smooth Taper
  • Sleek, Clean Design
  • Stiff and aggressive Head
  • Durable Flex5 Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Infinity Full Mesh
  • ELITE Level Performance
  • Uniform Kick Point


What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Has To Say:

ECD has done it again! The small diamonds at the bottom help push the ball towards the sweet spot while the larger diamonds create a small channel that provides for a soft catch, great feel for the ball, and a smooth release! Pair that pocket with the tightest face shape in the game and you have yourself a real offensive weapon ready to dominate!