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ECD Hero 2.0 Zone Fade Semi-Soft Men's Lacrosse Mesh

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ECD Hero 2.0 Zone Fade Semi-Soft Men's Lacrosse Mesh gives you the quality and high performance you can expect from ECD Mesh, but with a little twist. This limited edition mesh fades it's colors inward, towards the center channel. Strong Innegra fibers and LTH fibers help channel your pocket for accuracy and control, making your pocket feel more responsive and consistent. ECD took the ultra light Innegra fibers and wove them tightly with the Zone Fade outer diamonds to create a more firm and dependable pocket. This mesh feels light, gives you a targeted pocket, and seriously looks sick.

  • LTH Fibers woven in the center channel for more responsive feel
  • ZoneTech diamonds and fibers funnel the ball to your channel for consistency and accuracy
  • Innegra Fibers are the lightest fibers in the game, and are woven with the outer diamonds for less elasticity in your pocket
  • Like every all of ECD's Hero 2.0 Mesh, the Zone Fade Mesh is completely waterproof
  • Made in the USA