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ECD Hero 2.0 FaceOff Lacrosse Mesh

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The ECD Hero 2.0 Face Off Weave Lacrosse Mesh is designed to give you increased movement, feel, and responsiveness you need to own the X. The weave adds support to the outside of your pocket, and thins out the channel to allow the pocket to move freely in and out while maintaining its structure. Combine that with the Zone Tech fiber and this mesh seriously gives you an advantage, which is all you need to dominate the draw. 

  • ZoneTech - Outside: the sides feature Innegra, the lightest fiber in the world, which is less elastic that the LTH fibers. These rigid fibers funnel the ball into your channel and provide a lighter, more consistent pocket that will bag out less over time. 
  • ZoneTech - Channel: The channel features the LTH fibers, which are strategically placed to provide the soft touch and responsive feel you rely on when the game is on the line.
  • FO Weave
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant

 What the Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have to Say:

ECD did a great job with this faceoff mesh.  It is both lightweight and tightly woven,   which is a huge plus.  This combo gives you an advantage with the pinch and pop.  We have found that some of the exclusive faceoff mesh can be to light for the faceoff / field player.  This is a great mesh for those players.  ECD a great job with this.