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ECD DNA Custom Complete stick - True Comp Eagle USA and STX USA Mesh

This Lacrosse Fanatic ECD DNA Custom Complete stick is SICK!  

We took ECD's newest head the DNA and custom strung that with STX's USA memory mesh.  This is one of the coolest custom strung heads for this Summer!  And to fully go with the theme we paired this head with the limited edition True Eagle USA Comp 6 shaft.  It looks AWESOME

You won't be disappointed with this custom! And since it is limited edition and custom made by us, the quantity is limited.

True Comp 6 Flex Eagle USA Lacrosse Shaft -  LIMITED EDITION

  • Ideal balance of strength, weight and flex for any playing style
  • The FLEX 6 rate out of 10 adds extra torque and snap on the release, resulting in increased velocity.
  • Composite material reduces the overall weight of the shaft without sacrificing durability
  • USA theme with an eagle and American Flag graphic, as well as True’s Constrictor Grip in the shape of stars


  • Engineered using our FlexForm material and flowing geometry, the DNA packs a punch and virtually eliminates warping.
  • This is the all-around beast lacrosse has been waiting for.
  • Max Shape Retention - Even after serious abuse, the shape remains unchanged.
  • The Game’s Swiss Army Knife - The go-anywhere, check-anything, all-around beast.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Made with true American grit, ingenuity, and pride.

Limited Edition STX USA MESH

  • Custom strung with STX's USA Memory Mesh mesh is great for a smooth release, control of the ball, and consistency.
  • Strung with a mid pocket that will fit any position and playing style.
  • STX's exclusive Coaxial Composite, dual-fiber weave.allowing the mesh to hold its shape longer.
  • Moisture repellent, UV Resistant, 10 diamond, semi-hard,
  • Red, white and blue = show some USA pride this Summer!


 What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

We think that this is going to be one of the coolest sticks of the summer. The DNA head has sold extremely well since it's launch in late May.  And with the Flex Form material, this can stand up to the beatings and heat of the summer.  And the True Eagle comp staft is a great carbon fiber with a six flex.  This is a killer custom complete.