ECD Carbon Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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The East Coast Dyes (ECD) Carbon Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft with KickPoint Technology is ECD’s elite composite shaft and is the most technically advanced and the lightest composite shaft in the Carbon line.

Each Carbon Pro features ECD’s new Kick Point Technology.  The kick points are caused by changing flex levels and have been strategically placed to give you the most out of your shaft. The offense shaft’s High Kick Point provides a quick release, which makes this shaft perfect for the crafty player who is all about quick feeds and finishes.  The ECD Carbon Pro also includes Flex Control Layering (FCL) and the offense shaft is rated as a Flex8 on ECD's 10-point flex scale. The increased flex will allow you to add a little extra snap and feel to all of your shots and passes.

Each of these features have been designed and tested to ensure maximum playability for each position.

What our staff says:

This is a great shaft for player who is looking for extra feel and greater snap on each shot or pass.  The Kick Points provide changing flex levels in the shaft allowing for quick finishes.  Swing by our store and try this shaft out in our demo area.



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