ECD Carbon 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shaft

ECD likes the players who are always striving for more. Players who are never satisfied and refuse to settle. Those are the players we focused on when engineering the Carbon 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shaft.

Like those players, ECD never settles. The Carbon2.0 Box has added a true beast to the Carbon line. This shaft is basically a Carbon2.0 on steroids. It is built to be stiff and stable in order to take on all the abuse of the box game. It features our Impact+ layup, durable texture, and long-lasting paint. This is the shaft indoor players have been waiting for.


  • Stiff Construction
  • Impact+ Layup
  • Durable Texture
  • Long-Lasting Paint
  • Sleek, Clean Design

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

Love Box Lacrosse? Love ECD? If you said yes to both of those questions, you're definitely going to want to say yes to the new ECD Carbon 2.0 Box Shaft. This shaft is everything you want in a box shaft. It has the ability to withstand all those heavy checks as well as dish them out. This sleek design of this shaft is definitely going to turn some heads on the field.