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ECD Mirage Mens Lacrosse Head

The ECD Mirage Mens Lacrosse Head has a narrow face shape and aggressive flare, this allows you to perfectly control the tension of your pocket for a smooth, consistent channel. Specifically designed to build a perfect pocket, making the Mirage perfect for the elite offensive player. 

  • Lightweight and strong head perfect for fast shots, hard passes and supreme control 
  • Durable enough to withstand the abuse and ferocity of the modern game 
  • 18 sidewall holes for multiple stringing options

What The Lacrosse Fanatic Staff Have To Say:

This is the perfect head for any offensive player. This head was the number 1 selling head on the market for two years running. Lightweight and durable enough to withstand any checks thrown at it. With 18 sidewall holes, this head is a stringers dream. Used by many, from pros to beginners, this head 100% guaranteed will not disappoint.