STX Crux 600 Precision Flex Elite Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick

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The STX Crux 600 Precision Flex Elite Complete Stick is the highest level attack stick that STX produces.  In this complete set you get STX's Crux 600 head, Launch 2 runner and STX's elite 7/8" composite shaft, the STX Precision Flex.  The STX Crux 600 Precision Flex Elite complete stick is designed for the elite player looking for the best STX women's head on the market.

The Crux 600 features a minimized sidewall design that drives the ball to the sweet spot for maximum control and hold.  This elite head is paired with STX's Launch 2 runner providing more feel when cradling and a quicker release for passing and shooting. The Speed Scoop design provides top string protection, while also allowing your advanced player to scoop up the ball quicker, with less drag.   All of this is wrapped into STX's signature 10 degree design.  


  • Enhanced durability and targeted flex points at the sweet spot for maximum hold
  • 10 Degree design in both the head and handle
  • Speed Scoop technology
  • Launch 2 runner - reinforced to withstand a beating while still delivering a consistently smooth release time and time again.

STX paired the Crux 600 head with their 7/8" Precision Flex composite shaft to round out this complete stick  This provides the most flex and control when delivering those hard shots. 

  • Next generation handle features a fully-integrated design
  • New molded end cap with added grip for permanent comfort and stability
  • 10° end flares from 7/8" to 1" allows a seamless head-to-handle connection
  • Composite material stays temperate in all weather conditions


What the Lacrosse Fanatic staff have to say:

The STX Crux 600 Precision Flex Elite complete stick is an amazing pairing for the elite high school, college or pro player.  The Crux 600 is a top of the line head that performs as such.  The 10 degree design, Speed Scoop technology, launch 2, carbon shaft all comes together flawlessly in this complete stick.  

For those seeking mesh, STX's Crux mesh or the ECD Venom runner both work extremely well in the STX Crux 600.