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Custom Strung Maverik Kinetik Head with StringKing Type 4x Mesh

This Custom Strung Maverik Kinetik Head was custom strung right here in the shop by our staff. Our staff is made up of Pro Lacrosse, Division 1, and High School players and coaches, who are insanely skilled in stringing and restringing heads. We have come up with what we think is the most effective way to string up your pocket, you won't be disappointed with this custom! 

The Maverik Kinetik is one of the most widely used Lacrosse Head in the sport today. This Gray Maverik Kinetik is custom strung with StringKing Type 4x Mesh and Black Jimalax Top string/Sidewall String. Strung with a mid to low pocket giving the player superior hold and a quick accurate release.

This custom strung Kinetik is perfect for the intermediate to elite player!

  • Strung by Lacrosse Fanatic with StringKing Type 4x Mesh
  • Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head suitable for the intermediate to advanced player
  • Mid/Low Pocket for consistent control and release