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Custom Strung Exult 500 Head on Lever 10 Degree Shaft-White/Purple

The Custom Strung Exult 500 Head on Lever 10 Degree Shaft-White/Purple was custom strung right here in shop by our staff. Our staff is made up of Pro Lacrosse, Division 1, and High School players and coaches, who are insanely skilled in stringing and restringing heads. We have come up with what we think is the most effective way to string up your pocket, you won't be disappointed with this custom! 

Exult 500 Lacrosse Head

  • Includes new String Lock technology, which allows you to set your pocket to help prevent bagging
  • C-Channel technology provides reinforced sidewalls for stability on the draw
  • Flexible scoop for easy ground ball pickup
  • Minimum sidewall height for deepest legal pocket

STX Lever 10 Degree Composite Shaft

  • Centre-balanced for the perfect feel with any STX 10° head
  • Soft, rubberized finish for superior grip and feel
  • Handle stays warm in the hand in all weather conditions
  • 1" composite teardrop-shaped shaft, similar to Triax shape

 STX Launch II Runner

  • Aggressive chevron design for precision and accuracy
  • Strategically targeted flex points for extreme ball retention
  • Redesigned connection system for easy adjust-ability and pocket maintenance
  • Meets USL and FIL specifications