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Custom Strung ECD Lacrosse Mirage Head with LE Classic Zone South Beach Mesh

This Custom Strung ECD Mirage Head was custom strung right here in the shop by our staff. Our staff is made up of Pro Lacrosse, Division 1, and High School players and coaches, who are insanely skilled in stringing and restringing heads. We have come up with what we think is the most effective way to string up your pocket, you won't be disappointed with this custom! 

The Ecd Hero 2.0 South Beach Zone Fade Mesh reminds us of something from the 70's and we are digging it! This iconic ECD Mirage head is custom strung with a mid to low pocket highlighting the ECD OG Classic Fade Mesh Piece. Accenting the top and sides of the head are neon yellow performance strings from the ECD Hero Strings Kit.

With the spring and summer days just around the corner, this custom strung head is perfect for practice, games, or just some old-fashioned backyard fun!

  • Strung by Lacrosse Fanatic with East Coast Dyes LE Hero 2.0 South Beach Zone Fade Mesh
  • ECD Mirage Lacrosse Head suitable for any player.
  • Mid/Low Pocket for consistent control and release