Custom Strung ECD Black Mirage Lacrosse Head w/Hero 2.0 Mesh

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The Custom Strung ECD Black Mirage Lacrosse Head w/Hero 2.0 Mesh was custom strung right here in shop by our staff. Our staff is made up of Pro Lacrosse, Division 1, and High School players and coaches, who are insanely skilled in stringing and restringing heads. We have come up with what we think is the most effective way to string up your pocket, you won't be disappointed with this custom! 

ECD Mirage Head

  •  narrow face shape and aggressive flare allow you to perfectly control the tension of your pocket for a smooth, consistent channel.
  • lightweight and strong head, perfect for fast shots, sharp passes, and supreme control.
  • UV resistant material

Hero 2.0 Mesh

  • ZoneTech which gives you the increased accuracy, consistency, and control 
  •  Innegra, the lightest fiber in the world that funnels the ball into your channel, and provides a lighter, more consistent pocket that will bag out less over time.
  • The channel features our LTH fibers, which are strategically placed to provide the soft touch and responsive feel you rely on when the game is on the line.



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